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November 18, 2022 01:00-2:00 pm | JW Marriott Hotel Cairo, Hall B


Mark Ghobrial, MD – Methodist Medical Center, Houston TX USA

Ahmed Elsabbagh, MD – Mansoura University Medical Center, Mansoura, Egypt

Agenda Talks:

Overview of Extracorporeal Machine Perfusion and Physiologic Assessment of DBD and DCD Donor Organs

for Transplantation – Magdy Attia, MBBCH, Leeds University Hospital, Leeds, UK

Overview of the Largest Clinical Experience with OCS Liver Perfusion – Results of the Liver PROTECT Trial

James Markmann, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA

Real World Clinical Implementation of OCS Liver Strategies to Grow DBD and DCD Liver Transplant

Volumes – Amit Mauther, MD, Mayo Clinic Arizona, Phoenix AZ, US

Introduction of the U.S. National OCS Program (NOP) – Cutting Edge Initiative Aiming at Potentially Doubling Transplants in the US – Waleed Hassanein, MD – TransMedics, Inc., Andover MA

Panel Discussion and Q&A – Moderators

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