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Be A part of the 1st International Congress of The Egyptian Liver Transplant Society (ELTS 2022)!

The Egyptian Liver Transplant Society (ELTS 2022) develops, promotes, and shares medical education and best practices to advancing the field of liver transplantation and improving patient care by promoting international outreach, research, education, advocacy, organ donation, and service to the community. The Egyptian Liver Transplantation Society (ELTS) represents all professionals involved in liver transplantation in Egypt. Our society includes surgeons, hepatologists, anesthetists, pediatricians, radiologists, pathologists, and specialists in infectious diseases and rehabilitation., also includes pharmacists, nutritionists, nurses, coordinators, social workers, and financial advisors who have a vital role in the complex transplant process.

ELTS is the professional voice of Liver transplantation in Egypt providing leadership, representation, and guidance for the benefit of our patients. We strongly encourage all those working in the field to become members to enable us to be truly representative of our wide community and make that all members are heard.

ELTS will be actively involved in developing national policies; commenting to the media on all issues related to liver transplantation; and, of course, developing the scientific, clinical, and ethical practices that we all experience on a daily basis.

Our strong commitment to our Industry partners is to create various personalized solutions to build brand awareness, strengthen existing connections, enhance their profile by creating valuable educational and networking opportunities and finally, initiate quality contacts with over 600 transplant experts expected at ELTS 2022. The success of our Congress is due to mainly the support of our Industry partners Thanks to your commitment to education, we can bring these educational activities to life, improve the lonq-term outcomes of liver transplantation, and enhance the quality of life of transplant patients. We look forward to your participation in this wonderful journey!


Ziad Ramadan

+20 103 334 1373


Marina Yousry

+20 101 033 9006