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>Main Topics

Main Topics

  • Technical innovations in Liver Transplantation.
  • Laparoscopic living donor hepatectomy.
  • Use of robotics in live donor hepatectomy.
  • Dual graft Living donor liver transplantation.
  • Living Donor Liver Transplantation.
  • Living Donor Liver Transplantation: Perioperative challenges from a hepatologist perspective.
  • Acute on top of Chronic Liver Cell Failure.
  • Liver re-transplantation using living donor grafts.
  • Immunological Challenges after Liver Transplantation.
  • Immunoregulation and Immune Tolerance.
  • Bioengineering in Transplantation.
  • Biomarker Utilization in Liver Transplantation.
  • Liver Transplant Oncology.
  • Liver Transplantation for Hepatocellular Cancer.
  • Liver Transplantation for Cholangiocarcinoma.
  • Liver transplantation for Colorectal Liver Metastases.
  • Pediatric Liver Transplantation.
  • Metabolic Liver diseases.
  • Technical Challenges of Low Portal Vein Flow in Pediatric Liver Transplantation.
  • Introduction to establishment of new allocation system in Egypt for deceased donor organ transplantation.
  • Organ Preservation and Machine Perfusion.
  • Combined Liver Kidney Transplantation.
  • Kidney Issues in Liver Transplantation.
  • Infectious Diseases after Liver Transplantation.
  • HBV and Liver Transplantation.
  • HCV and Liver Transplantation.
  • COVID 19 and Transplantation.
  • Liver Transplantation in Direct Acting Antivirals (DAAs) era.
  • Cardiovascular Topics in Liver Transplantation.
  • Anesthesia/Critical Care and Liver Transplantation.
  • Interventional Radiology role in Liver Transplantation.
  • Role of histopathological examination in Liver Transplantation.
  • Nutritional Support in Liver Transplantation.
  • Diagnostics and Therapeutic Interventions.
  • The Digital Liver Transplant Patient.