Ahmed Mukhtar, MD - ELTS
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Ahmed Mukhtar, MD

Professor of Anesthesia and Surgical Intensive Care, Cairo University School of Medicine

Director of Liver Transplant Anesthesia and Intensive Care Services

Air Force Specialized Hospital and Nasser Research Institute


Prof. Ahmed Mukhtar is professor of anesthesia and surgical intensive care at Cairo University school of medicine. He earned his medical degree (M.D.) in anesthesia and critical care from Cairo University. He is passionate about outstanding patient care, specially as it relates to quality and safety in and out of the intensive care.


Prof. Ahmed Mukhtar is also director of surgical and trauma intensive care at Cairo University Hospital. He is certified in Transesophagel echocardiography from European Heart Association. He has a special interest in critical care ultrasound and he is FUSIC mentor in Intensive Care Society at United Kingdom. Prof Mukhtar is the program director of Focused Critical Care Ultrasound Diploma in Cairo University. He is also a director of the critical care services of liver transplant program at Air force Specialized Hospital and Nasser Research Institute. He is also a regional representative of Liver Intensive Care and Anesthesia Group of Europe (LICAGE) in Egypt.


He has more than 80 published studies in leading anesthesia and intensive care journals including Lancet infectious disease. He participated in formulating the recent published consensus guidelines of intraoperative coagulation management and hemodynamic management during liver transplant