Ahmed Marwan, MD, PhD - ELTS
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Ahmed Marwan, MD, PhD

Associate Professor, Hepatology and Gastroenterology

Liver Transplantation Program

Mansoura University


Dr. Ahmed Marwan   joined the digestive disease institute (DDI) transplant institute -Cleveland Clinic main campus in 2014, after which he earned his doctorate degree and he joined  DDI and transplant  institute at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi UAE as a Clinical Assistant Professor of internal medicine in 2018 and served in as a gastroenterologist and transplant hepatologist while the program was being launched.


Dr. Marwan participated in many international and national transplant meetings and received many international awards. Dr. Marwan is an active member of many international transplant , GI & liver societies. His main professional interests in posttransplant NAFLD and immunosuppression minimization and graft survival.


Dr. Marwan  received his medical degree from Mansoura university and he is currently serving as an Associate professor and attending staff  physician in gastroenterology and hepatology unit and liver transplant team, Mansoura college of medicine ,Mansoura university