Saeb Hammoudi, MD - ELTS
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Saeb Hammoudi, MD

Consultant Pediatric Surgeon &
​​​Medical Director

Jordan Hospital

Saeb Hammoudi, MD

Areas of Expertise

Extensive experience in all regular and complex pediatric surgical procedures with a particular focus on:

  • Inter-sex anomalies mainly, amongst others, female and male pseudo-hermaphrodite reconstructive surgery. Worked with a team of pediatricians, pediatric endocrinologists and social workers to ensure all cases are screened and managed in a holistic manner.
  • Congenital anomalies of the genito-urinary tract mainly: hypospadias, epispadias, bladder extrophy, as well as, upper renal congenital anomalies, renal tumors, surgery of the vesico-ureteric reflux and posterior urethral valve resection. I perform an average of 50-60 hypospadias cases annually for Jordanian and Arab patients and established a reputation in this area.
  • Congenital anomalies of the gastro intestinal tract, mainly neonatal congenital anomalies, hirschsprung’s disease, imperforated anus, diaphragmatic hernia and atresia of gastro-intestinal tract .
  • Hepatobiliary surgery including biliary atresia, hepatic resections for benign and malignant lesions.
  • Adult living donor liver transplantation started 2004, and up to date performed 122 cases of liver transplant.

Academic/Professional Qualifications

October 2019.             Fellow of the American College of Surgeons

May 2006                    Membership of the International Liver Transplant Society

July 2007                     Membership of the Pan Arab Liver Transplant Society

July 1985                     Membership of the British Association of Pediatric Surgery

November 1982          Jordanian Board of Pediatric Surgery

November 1979          Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons (FRCS Edinburgh)

November 1974          MB ChB, Alexandria University

Research & Publications

March 2021

Hepatic and Portal veins Transection by Vascular Stapler in Open

Living Donor Hepatectomy: Observational Study

Journal of Clinical and Experimental Transplantation, under review

February 2021 

Early Artery Hepatic Thrombosis Following Living Donor Transplant

13 years, Singe-Center Experience in Jordan

Experimental and Clinical Transplantation

December 2020  

Living Donor Liver Transplant in Patients With Budd-Chiari


A Single Center Experience at our University Hospital

Experimental And Clinical Transplantation

December 2015  

Disorder of Sexual Differentiation

1st Conference of the Department of Surgery Royal Medical Services In Collaboration with King Hussein Cancer Center & American College of Surgeons- Jordan

Amman –Jordan

October 2015

Pan Arab Liver Transplant Society

Liver transplantation in Jordan, Cairo, Egypt

October 2015 

LDLT in Jordan 43rd Conference of the Jordanian Surgical Society

Amman – Jordan

April 2014 

Status of liver transplantation in the Arab World

“Transplantation” 2014 April 15; 97(7); 722-4

September 2013        

Fifteen years DSD personal experience

14th international conference of Jordan pediatric society

May 2013 

Rare Pediatric Liver tumors  Thirteen congress of pan arab association of pediatric surgeons &

second congress of Jordanian association of pediatric surgeons

May 2013 

DSD at Jordan Hospital Thirteen congress of pan arab association of pediatric surgeons &

second congress of Jordanian association of pediatric surgeons

March 2013 

Update of Jordan Hospital

Living Related Liver Transplant

Fourth Pan Arab Liver Transplant Association Congress

March 2008

Living Related Liver Transplant

Jordan Hospital Experience

Third Pan Arab Liver Transplant Association Congress

Amman, Jordan

July 2007

Liver Transplant

Jordan Hospital Experience, Poster Presentation

International Liver Transplant Society, Brazil

March 2007

Biliary Complication of Liver Transplant in Jordan Hospital

Second Pan Arab Liver Transplant Association Congress

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

January 2007 

Liver Transplant, Challenges and Management

Tenth Anniversary of Jordan Hospital

December 2006

Hypospadias Management, ten years experience

Jordanian Surgical Association Annual Meeting

November 2006

Colonic Duplication, report of three cases and review of literature

Jordanian Pediatric Surgical Association Annual Meeting

March 2006

Liver transplantation in Jordan Hospital

First Pan Arab Liver Transplant Congress

July 1990

Ultrasound in diagnosis of Intussusceptions

18th Jordanian Surgical Conference

February 1990

Transverse Testicular Ectopia

Journal of Pediatric Surgery

July 1989

Esophageal Atresia

17th Jordanian Surgical Conference

October 1988

Infantile Myofibromatosis

Journal of Pediatric Surgery

March 1988

Persistent Neonatal Hyperinsulinism

Clinical Pediatric

February 1988 

Idiopathic Perforation of the Biliary Tract in Infancy & Childhood

Journal of Pediatric Surgery

October 1986

Laparoscopy for Non-Palpable Testis

First Arab Congress of Pediatric Surgery

October 1985

Haemangioparicytoma of the Duodenum

Journal of Pediatric Surgery

Relevant Courses & Workshops

Surgical management of ano-rectal malformations, Alberto Pena

April 1991, Cyprus

International Pediatric endoscopic surgery workshop

July 1993, Leeds, United Kingdom

Surgical management of ano-rectal malformation, Alberto Pena

October 1993, Dubai United Arab Emirates

International strategic partnership program in liver transplant exchange program

November 2004

University of Nebraska Medical Center

European Institute of Telesugery I.R.C.A.D. & E.I.T.S. workshop

Strasbourg, France