David C. Mulligan, MD, FACS, FAASLD, FAST - ELTS
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>>David C. Mulligan, MD, FACS, FAASLD, FAST

David C. Mulligan, MD, FACS, FAASLD, FAST

Past President, United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS)

Professor and Chair, Transplantation and Immunology

Yale School of Medicine


Professor and Chair of Transplantation and Immunology at Yale University, skilled in Liver Transplantation (especially Living Donor Liver Transplant), Kidney & Pancreas Transplantation, Hepatobiliary Surgery, and Immunology. Graduated from University of Louisville School of Medicine. Honored to build the Multiorgan Transplant Program at Mayo Clinic in Arizona from 1998-2013 with outstanding growth in all solid organ transplantation with some of the best outcomes in the US. Transforming the Multiorgan transplant program at Yale to be one of the most innovative and academic institutions where patient centered care can be met with cutting edge research and science. Recently served as President of UNOS/OPTN and Chair of the Advisory Council on Transplantation to the Secretary of HHS to lead the oversight and policy development of organ transplantation in the United States. Also serving as Councilor at Large for the Board of Governors of the AASLD and Chair of the Business Practice Services Committee of the ASTS. Heavily involved in developing new policies and guidance across all organ transplantation and allocation during the COVID-19 pandemic for the safest possible outcomes for patients as well as providers. Dr. Mulligan is also a professor of surgery at Yale School of Medicine and president of the United Network of Organ Sharing (UNOS)/Organ Procurement Transplant Network (OPTN).