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Marc Giovannini

Chief of Endoscopy,

Institut Paoli-Calmettes,

Marseille, France


Dr. Marc Giovannini, MD earned his Medical License at the University of Marseille in 1987, during the same year he also earned his diploma in Gastroenterology. He has been chief of the Endoscopy Unit at the Palo Kammettes Institute since 1997 and served as the chief of the Oncology Unit from 2000-to 2002.

Dr. Marc Giovannini is a member of a number of societies, including the French Society of Endoscopy, the French Foundation of Digestive Oncology, the French federation of Oncology, the European Society of Gastroenterology, and the French Club of Endosonography where he served as General Secretary from 1996 – 1998 and President from 1998 – 2000. He was President of the Euro-Eus Society from 2008 – to 2013. He was a member of the Board of the French Club of Endosonography in the year 2014. He is also Honorary President of the MENA Society since 2013.