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>Applying for an Egypt visa on arrival
Passengers who have not applied for a visa in advance need to:
  1. Wait in line at the visa on arrival window
  2. Fill out the visa application form and provide documents
  3. Pay the visa on arrival fee in cash
  4. Attach the Egypt visa sticker to the passport
Which countries can get a visa on arrival in Egypt?

Citizens of the following countries can get a visa upon arrival in Egypt:

Countries can get a visa on arrival in Egypt

1. Albania
2. Australia
3. Austria
4. Belgium
5. Bulgaria
6. Canada
7. Croatia
8. Cyprus
9. Czech Republic
10. Denmark
11. Netherlands
12. Estonia
13. Finland
14. France
15. Germany
16. Greece
17. Hungary
18. Iceland
19. Ireland
20. Italy
21. Japan
22. Latvia
23. Lithuania
24. Luxembourg
25. Macedonia
26. Montenegro
27. New Zealand
28. Norway
29. Poland
30. Malta
31. Portugal
32. Romania
33. Russia
34. Serbia
35. Slovakia
36. Slovenia
37. South Korea
38. Spain
39. Sweden
40. Switzerland
41. United Kingdom
42. Ukraine
43. United States
44. Argentina
45. Bahrain
46. Belarus
47. Belarus
48. Bolivia
49. Brazil
50. Chile
51. Colombia
52. Ecuador
53. Georgia
54. Hong Kong
55. Kuwait
56. Mexico
57. Moldova
58. Monaco
59. Oman
60. Paraguay
61. Peru
62. Qatar
63. San Marino
64. Saudi Arabia
65. Singapore
66. Taiwan
67. The Vatican
68. United Arab Emirates
69. Uruguay
70. Venezuela

What are the requirements for the Egypt visa on arrival?

Passengers can avoid queuing for a visa on arrival in Egypt by applying for an e-Visa. The Egyptian e-Visa is the most convenient option for most eligible visitors.

However, for people travelling to Egypt in the next few days who do not have time to apply for the e-Visa, the visa on arrival is a useful option.

Travelers can get an Egypt visa on arrival from one of the kiosks at any of the airport terminals. The visa fee must be paid in cash (credit and debit cards are not accepted).

Applicants receive a visa sticker which they present at the immigration desks to gain entry. The visa on arrival allows visitors to stay for up to 30 days. Only single-entry visas are available on arrival.